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with Kimberly Loh

via Zoom video conferencing


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“The poet is the priest of the invisible.”

~ Wallace Stevens

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Each weekly workshop includes: 

  • This
  • Meditation
  • Writing prompts
  • Interpersonal guidance


Weekly Themes: 

Week 1,

Week 2,

Week 3,

Week 4,

Week 5,

Week 6,

Week 7,

You will also be invited to join a private Facebook group for members of Summoning the Unseen, in which to share poems, share your own writing and receive feedback, and generally explore together what comes up in the workshops.


Via Zoom video group call


Workshops will be recorded and sent to you within 48 hours, along with prompts and inquiries to consider in your writing and living between workshops.


$000 suggested investment,
but please pay what you can