Functional Medicine

Functional medicine goes to the root of your concerns, rather than just treating the symptoms. 


Functional medicine is a holistic and patient centered approach to health and wellness that (holistically) analyses the function of biological systems in the human body using (integrative) tools to identify and address the root cause of symptoms, illness and disease. Functional medicine seeks to answer the questions, "why and what is causing unwanted symptoms or imbalances?" enabling a personalized and effective healthcare for each person’s individual health and healing needs. 

As a Functional medicine practitioner I spend time listening to you and gathering your medical history so that I can recommend dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations as well as diagnostic tests that support your unique and individual needs and desires. 

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine Is:

  • Evidence-Based: grounded in the latest and best scientific and peer reviewed research.
  • Preventative: aimed at addressing and preventing the root causes of illness and disease rather than only treating the symptoms.
  • Safe: little to no risks and side effects.
  • Effective: addresses not only symptoms but also targets the root cause of the illness and disease.
  • Holistic: utilizes and integrates multiple health and healing approaches to address the multidimensional and dynamic nature of healing.
  • Client-Centered: focuses on the individual unique desires and needs of each person rather than the illness or disease

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Personal Health Coaching Steps:

Enjoy a free and complementary discovery session.  The discovery session is a 20 minute phone or zoom call to get to know each other and determine the best plan of action. In the discovery session I will learn a little about your health goals and needs and to share a little about what I might be able to offer you.

Choose which offering best suits your needs and goals based on our conversation in the discovery session and your unique needs and goals by choosing from the list of offerings and emailing me to book a session or block of sessions.

Fill out the health questionnaires that I send to you for functional medicine coaching. These questionnaires help me to understand your individual health history and address the root cause of your concerns. 

Initial consultation to go over the health questionnaires that you filled out and to get clear on what your individual goals and needs are. In this session we will have time to get to know each other better and for you to ask questions and clarify concerns. I may also recommend some lab testing if appropriate and desired in this session.  

“Recommendations” session to go over the individual health plan and recommendations that I create for you. In this session we will discuss specific diet, lifestyle, supplement recommendations to support your health and wellness.

Continued support and follow-ups. I recognize that implementing change and healing is not always easy and I am committed to being there for you.