Family Care

Welcome to Family Care with Deva Braaten

Growing up as the eldest of four and having the opportunity to be at the birth of my three siblings as well as grow, care fore and play with them instilled strong appreciation and connection to family and family values within me. As a result, throughout my education I held a special place in my heart for family wellness which inspired me to learn about family nutrition, doula, breastfeeding support and pediatric nursing.

What is Family Care?

Family care is care for the whole family from a holistic and functional medicine perspective that supports empowerment and autonomy of families. With training in family nutrition, doula, breastfeeding support, as well as experience working as a nurse with pediatric clients I support families with tools and insights grow and thrive in health and wellness.


Family Services Steps:

Enjoy a free and complementary discovery session. The discovery session is a 20 minute phone or zoom call to get to know each other and determine the best plan of action for you and your family. In the discovery session I will learn a little about your family’s health goals and needs and to share a little about what I might be able to offer you. 

Choose which offering best suits your needs and goals based on our conversation in the discovery session and book a support session.



Continued support and follow ups.



Sign up for a complimentary discovery session to explore solutions for optimizing your health and home.