About Deva


I am a woman with a love and passion for health and wellbeing.


I am a woman with a love and passion for health and wellbeing. I love life and learning from the lessons of human existence. It is my commitment to help people tap into their individual health and wellness potential and live to their fullest potential.


I grew up on a small island on the west coast of Canada, homesteading, gardening and wild crafting with my parents from the day I was born. I remember playing the garden with my younger siblings while my parents tended to the veggie gardens, honey bees, goats and chickens. I was a child with muddy feet and a free heart exploring and learning about the beauty of the natural world around me. I remember harvesting wildflowers, berries, buds and herbs in the wilderness of British Columbia with my mom and dad to make massage oils and preserves for winter. I ate quinoa, nutritional yeast, and sprouts before most people had even heard of these foods.

These early childhood experiences built the foundation of my understanding and passion for health and wellbeing. They are the very fabric of my being and memory within each cell of my body.

These early childhood experiences built the foundation of my understanding and passion for health and wellbeing.

They are the very fabric of my being and memory within each cell of my body.

I understand that health and wellness is deeply connected to the natural world around me. Nature was my first teacher and guides my views of healing and the natural cycles of life.

Nature carries an inherent ability to heal and come into balance when given the opportunity and the ingredients needed.



In my early twenties I embarked on my formal pursuit of holistic health and wellness, studying holistic nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Vancouver BC and graduating as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2015. During this time I deepened my special interest in health and wellness for mothers and children. I studied prenatal, birthing and postpartum care at the Pacific Rim College in Victoria BC and graduated as a Holistic Doula in 2016. With a desire to deepen my knowledge I chose to study nursing at North Island College in Courtenay BC and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2021. During my nursing education I also studies breastfeeding support. Upon completion of my nursing degree I realized that my true passion lies in holistic and preventative medicine. 


In early 2022 decided to study through the Functional Medicine Institute - a certification program designed for health professionals seeking to create a more holistic practice -  to bring both my conventional and holistic knowledge together and expanding my capacity to support individuals with their healing needs.


I am now offering my knowledge and gifts as a functional a holistic medicine coach and EMF/grounding consultant  to make positive difference in people’s lives and help individuals to achieve their health and healing goals.

My Personal Health Journey

Health and healing has also been a personal journey for me. I actively embarked on my own healing journey as a young teenager when I started struggling with acne, hormonal imbalance and menstrual irregularities. I started reading everything related to holistic health that I could get my hands on, talking to friends, changing my diet, trying all kinds of herbs and supplements and seeking out holistic practitioners.

Through my own journey as a young person growing up in a stress-filled, fast-paced, tech world we live in, I began to wonder, “how can we use technology in a safe way?” I discovered a fascinating link between our connection to the Earth and the natural world around us, and our own fundamental health. 


Education & Training

Functional Medicine: Functional Medicine University

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: North Island College/Vancouver Island University

Breastfeeding Support for Healthcare Providers: Douglas College

Holistic Doula: Pacific Rim College

Registered Holistic Nutrition: The Canadian Scholl of Natural nutrition


"I am in awe of the human body’s magical ability to heal and come into balance when given the right environment."

- Deva Braaten


"Deva Braaten is remarkable young woman who is truly gifted in her knowledge and approach to health and healing. She is passionate about helping those in need by bringing her skills in nursing and her diverse knowledge in nutrition to support and nurture her clients. I deeply appreciated her holistic approach and commitment to a integrative medicine model.
When I was facing a life threatening disease and needing daily support, Deva was an incredible asset to myself and my family. Her calm confidence and supportive nature was exactly what I needed at the time, helping me focus on healing myself. Her support was truly invaluable and I’ll always be externally grateful to Deva."
- Lisa Gibbons

“As my doula Deva became one of the key players in my transition into motherhood. To be honest, I don't know what I would have done without her. She was exceptional throughout my birth, supporting me and my partner by respecting our wishes and responding to our needs. She supported me when I felt alone and vulnerable, helped me through the most painful part of breastfeeding and knew how to listen and validate my experiences. Deva is a humble and kind person and whomever she serves will be lucky to have her."  

-Amber Bartlett

Being very sensitive to EMF frequencies I requested Deva to come to my home and inform me of my frequency environment. With great patience and cheerfulness Deva measured the frequencies throughout my home helping me to understand that that the symptoms I was feeing in my hand, when using the computer mouse, were from dirty electricity. Deva gave me the solutions needed to be grounded which is now allowing me to be symptom free when using the computer. I can not be more grateful to her than I am. Thank you Deva."  

- Mary-Lu Lorenson

Thank you Deva for showing us how to clean up our home EMF environment. You helped us navigate the steps needed to change our internet setup with practical and inexpensive solutions. It feels good to take control of our home environment!"  

- Moira and Brent Garstin

"Deva cared for my family, partner me and babe to be, before our babe arrived in our arms. All throughout my pregnancy I felt supported, body, mind and heart. Within the birthing process I felt reassured and calmed by Deva's presence. It wasn't the home birth I planned, but I was able to let go, trusting that Deva would support us in delivering naturally at the hospital given our labour circumstances. Once baby arrived Deva helped us build confidence in caring for our newborn, offering support to my partner and I. Deva helped me to integrate myself as a new mumma by slowing down into full presence with my babe."

- Alex

"Deva is one of the most kind and thoughtful people I know. She has an inherent gift for taking care of people that comes as naturally to her as breathing. Deva has been my nutritionist/health coach and through the whole process was very attentive to my personal health needs. She is not only well educated on the subject of heath and wellbeing but also passionate about the art and always striving to learn more in the failed. Deva is someone who you can feel heard by and safe with. She is someone who will take as good care of your needs as she possibly can not because you are her client but because she genuinely cares about your heath and wellbeing."

- Shantima Braaten

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